3 Reasons Why You Want To Represent Where You Come From

3 Reasons Why You Want To Represent Where You Come From

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More than ever, representation matters — in our careers, in the media, and any space where the culture narrative has been centered. It’s time to emerge and saunter the lines of uncommon and bring forth what makes us, us.

It’s our stories and experiences that create a diverse and beautiful landscape, so however you can tell that story, do it.  

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Why honor your heritage? If you’re an immigrant living in the US, history has only wanted to hear and write one story — the prominent narrative. And throughout history, any culture or heritage that strays from that one story has been vulnerable.

This is why honoring your heritage is vital — it’s the heartbeat of America. It creates community and connects us to each other.  

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Connecting to who you are and where you come from can feel isolating — even celebrating your heritage can be traumatic because at one point in history it might have brought consequences, but to challenge the story that has been brought forth, it’s vital to tell your story and not be afraid of who you are. 

Share your cultural heritage to benefit future generations.

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Learning how to express yourself and your cultural identity doesn’t happen overnight, especially if it’s something that wasn’t honored or accepted as you were growing up. Start with something small such as wearing a necklace or a hairstyle that represents your heritage, or attend gatherings with others that celebrate your culture. 

It may even be found through fashion in a statement brand such as Immigrant Apparel. 

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